Boost Your CX Team's Efficiency with Intelligent Process Automation

Raia's workflow automation capabilities boosts your CX teams' efficiency by 50% with intelligent process automation and seamless knowledge discovery across you organization.

AgentAssist: CX Agent Copilot
Boost Agent Efficiency
Raia transforms agent performance by automating responses to complex user inquiries and integrating seamlessly with existing systems.
Elevate Customer Experience
The Agent Copilot enhances customer experience by providing quicker responses to inquiries and efficiently classifying and escalating complaints for prompt resolution.
Speed Up Agent Onboarding
Cut agent training time by half with Raia, which guides through workflows and reduces dependence on manual knowledge searches, boosting team adaptability.

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's Capability

How It Works

Intelligent Email Assistance
Raia's conversational intelligence understands customer intent and automatically drafts emails to address specific inquiries, enhancing response efficiency.
Enhanced Knowledge Discovery
Raia equips your CX agents with streamlined access to knowledge through a centralized search engine that integrates with diverse internal resources like knowledge bases, help centers, and FAQs.
Automated Workflow Mapping
Raia’s intelligent process automation maps user intent to executable actions to efficiently resolve customer inquiries.
More automated tasks
Upfront cost for POC and integration
2 weeks
Average go live
Average Return on Investment (ROI)