Reliable Self-Service Support, Not Just Another Chatbot!

Raia's intelligent intent detection engine empowers your customers with reliable self-service options, resulting in a 30% reduction in call center contacts.

CustomerAssist: Customer Support
Improve Customer Experience
Raia enables customers to swiftly manage routine tasks such as account updates, providing enhanced satisfaction with 24/7 support and no wait times.
Reduce Call Center Costs
Lower call center costs by empowering customers to independently and reliably address common inquiries.
Boost Customer Engagement
Raia’s precise intent detection improves customer interactions by delivering consistent and high-quality support.

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's Capability

How It Works

Smart Escalation and Redirection
Raia’s precise intent detection ensures timely escalation and redirection of customer inquiries to the appropriate support and compliance teams, ensuring prompt resolution.
Automated Workflow Execution
With Raia's intelligent process automation, customers can perform permitted actions, such as updating account information, seamlessly and securely.
Resolve Complex Queries
Raia's conversational intelligence enables reliable self-service for both general and account-specific questions, empowering customers to find solutions independently.
Less time solving customer complaints
Upfront cost for POC and integration
2 weeks
Average go live
Average Return on Investment (ROI)