Read Less, Resolve More Complaints

Raia's conversational intelligence capabilities helps compliance teams cut complaint analysis and triage time by 70% through automated classification, tagging, VoC profiling, and root cause analysis.

ComplianceAssist: Complaint Monitoring
Improve Complaint Resolution Time by 70%
Automatically categorize and tag complaints with deep insights, ensuring reliable and consistent processing.
Minimize Compliance Risks
Proactively identify and escalate high-risk complaints, such as fair lending and UDAAP allegations, for immediate attention.
Boost Regulator's Confidence
Review 100% of conversations across email, chat, and phone calls, profiling the Voice of the Customer to gain deep insights into their issues.

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How It Works

Customized Reporting
With Raia’s flexible reporting dashboard, generate tailored reports that provide detailed trends and actionable insights, easily exportable to your preferred analytical tools.
Optimize Complaint Monitoring Policies
Raia enables compliance teams to configure, test, and validate different monitoring policies, helping to identify the most effective procedures for managing risks.
Streamline Complaint Intake and Triage
Raia’s complaint management module standardizes the intake of complaints and integrates with various ticketing systems for efficient triaging, ensuring a consistent process across platforms.
Automate Complaint Categorization and Tagging
Raia automatically categorizes complaints and tags them with risk factors such as fair lending and UDAAP allegations, as well as potential legal threats, to streamline follow-up actions.
Risk Assessment and Prioritization
Raia assigns a configurable risk score to each complaint, facilitating effective prioritization and escalation based on the severity of issues.
Less call center contacts
Upfront cost for POC and integration
2 weeks
Average go live
Average Return on Investment (ROI)