Meet Zanko!
The Intelligent AI Copilot for Financial Institutions

Zanko streamlines customer support and compliance operations by automating tasks, enabling robust self-service options, boosting team efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

Zanko Streamlines
Financial Services Operations

70% Quicker Complaint Resolution

Compliance teams cut complaint analysis and triage time by 70% through automated classification, tagging, VoC profiling, and root cause analysis.

50% More Efficient CX Teams

Boost your CX teams' efficiency by 50% with intelligent process automation and seamless knowledge discovery across your organization.

30% Less Call Center Contacts

Empower your customers with reliable self-service options, resulting in a 30% reduction in call center contacts.

Fast, Low-Risk
AI Success

Average Return on Investment (ROI)
2 weeks
Average go live time
Upfront cost for POC and integration

Effective solutions for
cX and Compliance Teams

Compliance Assist

Zanko's ComplianceAssist can screen 100% of conversations, escalates high-priority complaints, and can empower compliance teams with automated classification, tagging, VoC profiling, and root cause analysis.


Agent Assist

Zanko's AgentAssist is capable of understanding user inquiries and translating them into a set of automated executable actions, making CX agents 50% more efficient.


Customer Assist

Zanko's CustomerAssist provides reliable self-service capabilities through customer support chat functionality, reducing routine support tickets by 30%.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Zanko?

Zanko is not just another AI tool–it's your intelligent copilot designed exclusively for the financial services. It empowers your teams to work smarter, not harder, by automating tasks, enhancing customer self-service, and streamlining compliance processes. With Zanko, you're not just adopting AI; you're investing in a solution built to understand and address the unique challenges of financial institutions. Zanko rapidly identifies compliance risks, profiles Voice of the Customer (VoC), performs scripted actions or standard operating procedures, and more. Zanko does this by analyzing 100% of your customer's conversation through email messages, chat threads, and voice calls.


How does Zanko benefit my business?

Zanko is your secret weapon for boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction. Based on beta tests, compliance teams using Zanko can experience an estimated 70% increase in efficiency, while CX teams can expect to work 50% faster and call center contacts decrease by 30%. These aren't just numbers–they're the real-world results Zanko is delivering to financial institutions like yours.


How is Zanko different from other AI tools?

While there are tons of other AI tools available, Zanko stands out for three key reasons: it's built specifically for the financial sector, taking into account the unique regulations and challenges you face; it's fully customizable to seamlessly integrate with your existing software and processes; and it's designed for rapid implementation, so you can start seeing results in as little as two weeks.


Is Zanko difficult to implement and use?

Not at all! We are proud to offer a risk-free trial to financial institutions that want to see proof of concept. In fact, you can spend 15 minutes to provide us with two months of customer conversation data and we will build a custom demo that you can try for yourself completely free. Zanko is designed for ease of use and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing tools and workflows. We offer comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth transition, and you can expect to be up and running in as little as two weeks.


How do I get started with Zanko?

The best way to see the power of Zanko is to experience it firsthand. Book a free demo today, and we'll show you how Zanko can transform your financial institution.