Powering The Future of Credit and Identity

Spring Labs is building a decentralized network for identity and credit to serve as the foundation for a more transparent, secure, and efficient delivery of financial services.

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Our Vision for A Decentralized Network for Credit and Identity on Blockchain

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For Financial Institutions

Spring's goal is to be a paradigm shift in data security and cost efficiencies for financial institutions. Financial institutions and lenders participate in a point-to-point attestation network, allowing the retention of data control with outsized monetization compared to the existing model.

  • Stronger Security Against Breaches
  • Full Data Control and Flexibility
  • Ease of Integration with Existing Systems
  • Reduced Costs from Manual Process
  • Create Profit Centers from Data Sharing
For Financial Institutions For Financial Institutions
For Consumers

For Consumers

Spring is creating the foundation for a credit system that is more transparent and secure for consumers. The Spring network will allow users to view all attestations about their credit and identities for free, and enables functionality for open alerts and notifications.

  • Improved Transparency
  • Protection Against Data Breaches
  • Easily Contest Information on Consumer Credit Reports

Meet the Team

Spring is a team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists tackling societal-level problems.

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Our Advisors

Spring Labs has brought on top advisors from financial services firms, blockchain technology, and regulatory bodies to guide the company to success.

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Our Investors

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